PSA: your body humiliation and transphobia is not Radical

ovari3s:thelatinxfiles:But when we laugh at naked Trump in Union Square, tug at his penis, stare, point, and mock, who are we really laughing at? Are we laughing at Trump because Trump is naked, and fat, standing in front of us? Are we mocking the fact that anyone who has cellulite or a gut or a figure that’s not valued by a capitalist, health obsessed, body-shaming society dares to be nude in a public space? Are we laughing at Trump because we believe that men should be manly, and that manly means to have a big penis, and that anybody who doesn’t fit into that violent, cissexist masculinity is worthy of contempt?

Mixing at the end of ‘The Daily Show’ with Franchesca Ramsey: “you cannot force people to have conversations, they are not ready for.”

profeminist:Salon: What I’ve found remarkable about Larry Wilmore, just as a viewer – and I don’t mean just with “The Nightly Show,” I’m also referring his work on “Black-ish” and especially with Issa Rae – is that I have not seen a producer promote women of color as prominently as he has.