heyfranhey:Blavity writes:
When Zaire Downs saw one of his classmates being bullied for not having nice shoes, the Rochester, New York 7th grader decided to do something about it. The 13-year-old student has spent the entire month of August collecting sneakers to make sure that when the first day of school comes around, everybody will have a fresh pair of kicks. “It’s this boy in my school who gets bullied because he doesn’t have nice shoes,“ Downs told 13 WHAM. “I feel bad for some kids who can’t afford them.”

smallswingshoes:nativepeopleproblems:astrape:nativepeopleproblems:This isn’t an isolated insolent. A year or so ago I noticed Franchesca reblogging from GodGazi (sp?) and gently messaged her explaining why he’s violently antisemitic and would she please not reblog from him anymore. She deleted her reblog, but never answered the ask, privately or publically. At the time I didn’t think much of it but as others have said, this isn’t the first time she’s used the Holocaust as a rhetorical device. It’s at the point where I’m not comfortable supporting her anymore, which is really disappointing for me, but I don’t feel like her circle is a safe environment for me and my mom’s family.

Some tips I did for artists

damianmcgintleman:batatonia:murdarioxstomp:meow286:damianmcgintleman:No, seriously, do it. Say it right now, aloud, in front of your computer. “I am a good writer/artist/musician/singer/whatever.” Just admit it to yourself. Because I swear when you do, your work will become better. You’d be amazed at what you can produce when you feel confident in your abilities.