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Another road sign of NYC…

This is messed up!

I agree.

It’s messed up that this billboard is an admission. The fact that over one half of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion. The fact that 80% of abortion factories are in minority neighborhoods.

It’s messed up.

And yet, we are the racist ones.

Yes, you are the racist ones.
where are you after these Brown babies are born? You speak to the top when they are hunted down and beaten by police? you speak against a system that systematically works to oppress, the decision to have a child so much more difficult because having a child,low t symptoms is so much more delivery? will you help pay for their health care? tuition? housing? food? Where are you when it comes to debate why the fuck is the system so that PoC have less access to better education, financial aid, etc..
Do not pretend to care Brown babies when they are beaten and killed every day, and you people are no where.
Piece of racist crap.

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latinagabi dropping them truth bombs

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A few years ago, I read an article where the mother of this child was actually upset by how the picture of his daughter has been used.

It’s here:

Reminder that the claim that 80% of abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods is a complete and total lie propagated by the anti-choicers. The actual percentage of located in predominantly black neighborhoods independent abortion clinics is 9%.

63% are located near the neighborhoods that make up most of the non-Hispanic white people. [x]

But of course instead of maybe take a look at the reason why many PoC seek abortions, anti-choicers prefer to do statistics and crying “I’m not racist! Pro-choice are racist because they can make their own decisions PoC! »

(I also like that these kinds of statements come straight from those who is appropriate tragedies like slavery, genocide or the assassination of PoC and pretend that they are equivalent to abortion.) If not racist.)

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I hate how everyone in response to this post took the ‘black’ in the conversation. as. targets black Billboard specifically people and black women. the answers do not mention us specifically at all

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