Did you know that after that they switched to blind auditions, symphony orchestras, hired women between 30 and 55% more? Before the “blind auditions” with a screen to hide the candidate, women in the major orchestras of top 5 composed of less than 5% of the musicians performing belly fat.

so I think that it was actually more complicated than that, in an interesting way. Because at the beginning, when they blind auditions, they were hiring more men.

… Then, they put on a treadmill, so that the heels high not slamming on the ground, and women BOOM were suddenly getting hired.

Testers didn’t even know what they were picking up on, which only show how tiny of a signal you need to kick misogyny.

The case of the blind auditions for orchestras and how it has radically changed the composition between the sexes of orchestras is an example very illuminating sexist prejudices and an interesting way possible to fight against it.

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