This isn’t an isolated insolent. A year or two ago, I noticed Franchesca reblogging of GodGazi (sp?) and messaged gently she and her explaining why he is violently anti-Semitic wouldn’t reblog him more. She has removed her reblog, but never responded to the request, publicly or privately. At the point where I didn’t think much of it, but like others have said, this is not the first time she used the Holocaust as a rhetorical device. It’s to the point where I’m not comfortable supporting, which is really disappointing for me, but I don’t think that his circle is a safe environment for the family of my mother and me.

I looked up to her for a long time. Hell, I still have a special place in my heart for his video on the apology versus non-excuses. But so suddenly that councils don’t count when it comes to anti-Semitism, and well… I want that speaks for itself.

From what I can remember, his reaction to the incident with K * t Bl * Quebec anti-Semitism was also to apologize and not usually listen to Jewish bloggers. I feel the same way, though – I got him up a lot, and then I noticed these kinds of things that don’t add up.

I think what really bothers me is that she refuses to acknowledge his anti-Semitism. Like, don’t worry. No non-Roma goy is literally going to care. Just be openly anti-Semitic like everyone else. We are used to it.

I actually personally messaged Chescaleigh when the Kat Blaque thing went down. She reblogged Tumblr blog a post of returnofthejudai. (The post, in short, was a Jewish blogger with other Jewish bloggers we said to forgive Kat because she “apologized”, despite never find no evidence that there was this apology and Kat literally saying expressly that she has refused to apologize and I would stop before entering this way again.) Suffice to say that I disagree.)

I have messaged Chescaleigh because his reblogging an intra-juif post like this was incredibly shocking in my opinion. Here’s how our conversation went down.

At this time in my life, I’ve had enough crap going that I was too stressed and too angry to respond after that, but how disgusting of a defence is ‘well, if it’s on the internet then it is public? It is literally the same type of bullshit suicide baiters and ARM uses on the internet. And I call bullshit that she did not know that you weren’t supposed to discussions intra reblog because literally every circle activist I ran on tumblr that took as a rule on the ground. There are things, as an outsider, that aren’t your reblog instead because you’re not part of the community.

So, as much as I would like to pretend that I’m surprised, I’m not.

@astrape I never posted a defense of any person anti-Semitism. I reblogged Tumblr blog someone post about a situation I was not completely informed about (my mistake) because I appreciated the sentiments on forgiveness.

@smallswingshoes tense hand for me a few months than reblog (after permission to share) and then I deleted once said it was an intra-community conversation and reblogging wasn’t cool. You and I left that conversation about what I assumed were fine words… and now you post screenshots to show him…?

As someone who has faced immense harassment of MRA, I am really put off by you compare me to them. I never received ‘rules’ to participate in the discussions on Tumblr, but I take the popular word for it when / if I have Tumblr blog reblogged something dangerous. These days I really don’t spend a lot of time on Tumblr because of my work schedule. Most of my posts is pending. Because of this, I can’t follow all the stories, which is dragged / shouted, who deserves the pardon or Tumblr advised in real time. I even said in our interaction that I had never heard of “no bloggbable default.” Are you suggesting I was lying? I think that it is unfair to think that when I blog something Tumblr reblogged (after permission.) I was in a malicious way. I don’t know what I would get out of this.

@nativepeopleproblems I’m not the only person to manage my Tumblr, so thank you for this report. To be clear, no one responds to messages in my name, but things have been deleted, shared or credited from received messages. Due to the volume of messages I receive, many of them remain unanswered or are deleted before I see them. From now on, I will make sure that there are better guidance for these types of messages. I remember your message, but I read the reviews of Gazi and avoided to share its content accordingly. I received conflicting messages about what I can and can not reblog (see above) so I avoided in general posts about and/or comment I’m not clear about people I know to be harmful online. In the past, some people simply being mentioned on my tumblr opened, me, my family and even my agents and producers up to harassment, so I avoid them all together.

There are now 3 times that people are opposed to the way in which the Holocaust was introduced in decoded (one, two, three) more than a year and 60 something episodes. I admit even 3 is already too, but this isn’t the only time wherever we or I have screamed to get things wrong on behalf of social justice and education. It’s not nice when it happens, but I always took full responsibility of my weaknesses, but also of the show because I believe that it is what is right. There is no excuse to do. I don’t think anyone has purely and simply called my anti-Semitism of previous failures (or at least not directly to me) by I absolutely apologize. This is clearly an area I’m not well informed, which of course makes that much harder to recognize casual anti-Semitism.  It’s something I’ve been working on, and through, so I am grateful for the views shared here that I don’t get offline.

That said, I respect whatever choice you made when it comes to me and my work.

edited to add: it has been brought to my attention that people kind of non-Roma should not reblog this in my defense. Honestly, now I wonder if I should have reblogged Tumblr blog? But I’ve been tagged… so I don’t know. Clearly, I’m still learning how it works and do not want to aggravate this situation. I’m an adult, no need to Cap for me. Thank you.

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