where is the lie? (x)

Please stop using the Holocaust as a rhetorical device. Stop playing with her at the Olympics of Oppression. Stop lying about how everyone takes the Holocaust so seriously, unlike [x tragedy]. It is really old anti-Semitic and anti-Roma and fuck.

Most museums of the Holocaust was made by the Jewish people.

You think the world has given a shit that Jews and Roma people were slaughtered by the millions.

Not all the fucking.

Also the sentence to millions of other ethnic groups is a lie.

The bloody point and the goal of the Holocaust was to exterminate the Jews and Roma people. It’s totally and absolutely eradicate us from the face of the world.

The vermin has called us. They would even call us subhuman because it would have been a compliment.

It is against the laws by the Nazis to violate the Jews and Roma because it was considered more disgusting then raping an animal.

Not the one that stopped the Nazis with Jews and Roma women and children as sex slaves.

All told these gifs are totally wrong 100%.

It appears also as really victim blame and act as if the Jews have some sort of power.

America has a damn lie that they teach and talk again and again how their role during the Holocaust.

It’s not our fault if they love stroking their dicks and make up stories and monuments it even if it’s a big fucking lie.

American citizens didn’t want Jews to come here and made sure their Government knew that.

Asylum-seekers were turned away by the thousands.

Thousands of Nazis were invited after the Holocaust to live in America and work for the Government of the u. S.

If this is not the case, to the Mossad’s and track down the Nazis and bring Israel to confront their Nazi crimes still more would have gotten away with her.

I am also disgusted that Roma people were not even mentioned at all.

90% of European Roma were slaughtered by the Nazis and still you are not embarrassed to talk about rather instead, you can tell a blatant lie that millions of ethnic groups have been subjugated.

Cut the fucking bullshit. He’s so fucking anti-Semitic and anti-Roma.


Shame on you. What a shame.

I’m not only a sincere apology and real to do this, I ask.

I refuse to back down on this. I’ll be like a dog with a bone on it.

Franchesca Ramsey I see that you apologized here, but it wasn’t really an apology.

I want you to see exactly what I wrote and understand on how a colossal level you don’t have by using the Holocaust as your propeller.

I want you to understand everything offensive and cruel, he was to do.

The information you presented was not only offensive, but factually false.

I want you to acknowledge this and correctly to apologize for it.

I wan to know what you’re going to do about it.

Will take you to the bottom of the video? Will you do a new video explaining why it wasn’t good and go where exactly you went wrong?

Because honestly your “apology” emerges as a non-excuses.

You don’t bother to actually still take responsibility.

You get not only do this shit, ask forgiveness, and walk.

You must take responsibility.

Because what the fuck of really pisses me off, is that you used not only one of the many genocides of the Jewish people as a measuring stick to judge other people and you not only totally erased the Roma of their own genocide people.

But you gave on inaccurate information and you have brought massive to a lot of people now that’s all they know.

You need to do better because it was not an apology and who took no responsibility for what you did.

Because taking responsibility for what we do is to apologize.

The Jewish and Roma communities deserve better than an ‘apology’ and deserve to not have such false information spread especially when there are already so many already spread lies out there.

If I seem harsh it’s because of how I strongly I think about it.


@chescaleigh is not you present the most respectful way, it’s that it is openly anti-Semitic and racist against Roma. What makes believe that it was acceptable to use our oppression as a rhetorical device?

Wow, I was really hoping this might be a really old post and she had the time to learn better and all

It’s three days

It is disappointing

I’m honestly very hurt by that, because she asked me for advice on how to not be centered for a video she did with MTV is about one year. (It’s like 6 sentences who have racist origins or something and I literally gave his info on the Holocaust so…) I really trusted in him and now he honestly feels like she just stabbed me in the back. How are you going to pretend care people Romani (and Jewish) and then do something like this? My murdered ancestors can haunt you…

Like, what part of “do not use oppression or genocide other groups marginalized as the rhetoric” is so easy for people to understand until it’s ant-anti-Semitism and anti-Roma racism? Frankly, should have better @chescaleigh. As far as I know, the skinny, barely existing non-excuses related more to the top are the only thing she has done to recognize his massive fuck-up when the video should probably be taken down or if something added on him on the inherent anti-Semitism and anti-Roma racism in using our genocide as a rhetorical device. His apology was not good enough and, frankly, I’m so fucking tired of famous social activists throw us under the bus and fail to properly apologize and learn from the experience.

I’m late seeing these reblogged, my previous answer was written before seeing this and understand the magnitude of the situation. I play catch-up.

Thank you @fromchaostocosmos to go into detail as to why exactly this reference was harmful. It is not your job, but I appreciate it. With the additional context, I have a better understanding of why using the Museum of the Holocaust in this way was inappropriate and false anti-Semitic and anti-Roma. “And millions of other ethnic groups” was absolutely the wrong way to present the Holocaust and an unfair deletion of the Romani people on top of the question to use it as a rhetorical device. Again, I apologize, but I respect your choice to accept or not.

Will take you to the bottom of the video? Will you do a new video explaining why it wasn’t good and go where exactly you went wrong?

Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure the video can be taken down, the content did not belong to me, so I don’t say in this. I’m looking in there now, and I’ll update you when / if I get more information. But we can make absolutely an episode on this topic and how we fucked up. I contacted my producers and we see that we can work with so it is handled properly and we are able to raise the voice of the Jewish community and Romani instead of having me be clearly uneducated. ¬†Independent, we are already doing another episode on a separate mistake, the so the objective is to incorporate this kind of responsibility for the future episodes instead of just having taking place on Tumblr.

But you gave on inaccurate information and you have brought massive to a lot of people now that’s all they know.

While I only now understand this slat fuck upwards, the magnitude of is not lost on me. As @chirikli said, I already reached out for help another episode who spoke of g * deteriorated insult. It was something I did on my own and make up my own pocket because I wanted to make sure that she was treated properly and that I do not believe in asking people to work for free. I do not for cookies, but it is my fault that I did not had these same steps to ensure that the information presented in this script is correct and respectful to the Jews and the Rromani people. It breaks my heart that someone would feel I was stabbed in the back or ignored their feelings or history. But I understand why this video has received the answer above, and how am I responsible for these feelings. I regret it forever. I work to find the best way to correct this publicly outside of Tumblr, so thank you for giving me the space to do so.

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