Watch: Heather McGhee had the best answer for CSPAN appellant who wants to stop from being wronged

Captions: 1 - I am a white male and I am prejudiced. It’s something I wasn’t taught, but it’s kind of something that I learned. 2 - I have these fears and I don’t want my fears to come true, you know? So I try to avoid that and I come off as being prejudiced. What can I do to change, you know? To be a better American? 3 -Thank you so much for being honest and for opening up this conversation because it’s simply one of the most important ones we need to have in this country. 4 - We are not a country that is united because we are all one racial group that descended from one tribe, one community. 5 - So what can you do? Get to know black families who are not at all, and not even any majority, involved in crime and gangs. 6 -Turn off the news and night … Nightly news in many media markets, that have been studied, over-represents African American crime and under-represents crime that happens by white people. 7 - Join a church, if you are a religious person, that is a black church or that is interracial. 8 -Start to read about the history of the African American community in this country. 9 - Foster conversation in your family and in your neighborhood where you are asking exactly those kinds of questions. 

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