• Admit that you have talent

No, seriously, do it. Say it right now, aloud, in front of your computer. “I am a good writer/artist/musician/singer/whatever.” Just he admit to oneself. Because I swear when you do, your work will become better. You’d be amazed what you produce when you feel confident in your abilities.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

“I’ll never be as good of a writer like Hemmingway/Bronte/Rawling!”, “I’ll never sing like Adele/Florence Welch/Joan Jett!”, “I’ll never paint like Picasso/van Goh/O ‘ Keefe!”, “I will never draw like McCracken/Davis/MacFarlane!”, “I’ll never play like Hendrix/King/Cooder!

N ° you won’t. You will never, ever be as good as them. And they are never as good as you. Each artist is unique. You have your own voice, just as they had their own voice. Don’t try to be someone else; be you.

  • Be proud of your work

He wrote a poem of shit? Song? Manuscript? Something you do not like to paint? Has attracted something wrong? Which. Hell. Cares? At least you did something! That’s more than most people can say! You to complete a task. Be proud of this achievement.

  • Be aware that not everything you do will be great

This is part of the previous Council. You do shitty things. It’s part of being an artist. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to create something great every time. Fight for it, of course, it should be your goal. But be aware that sometimes you just go do something that sucks, then get over it and try to do better next time.

  • Be proud of your talent and enjoy

I am a writer and my best friend is a singer. I can’t tell you how many times we said to each other that we wanted, we had other talents. It is a typical ‘grass is always greener’ thing. Be proud of what you are good at and enjoy, because someone out there wishing they were as good as you, I guarantee it.

This is good, but is seth mcfarlane rly the best example of artistic prowess

I’m probably as good as seth mcfarlane

fingers crossed, they were referring in fact to Todd

In fact, it was Todd. I had to go back and change the original message because so many people thought that I wanted to tell Seth lmao.

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