Why submit your voting card something huge controversy in the United States? That’s how you get to vote in Australia (I think? I wasn’t there for the election, I voted by postal ballot) you show your ID, they find your address and they mark you. Why is this a big deal? I don’t understand. Can someone please explain it to me without being “Freedom MUH” ‘MUH confidentiality’ ect ect you can give me a real reason?

Apparently the IDs are really expensive in some States?

(This problem could be resolved by subsidizing IDs for the poor or simply to reduce the costs of global ID.)

not only expensive. in many States people can only get id during the work week and during working hours, ensuring that those who cannot reasonably take a day off may not vote. also, in the large States get the id said may require several hours away, preventing people without car or money to afford further driving long distance transportation

Also, in some States, voter ID laws make it difficult and tedious to seem a valid voter ID card if your current legal name is different from the name on your birth certificate – which is a problem for many trans people, more married women and almost all immigrants (i.e., because immigrants will generally not be a U.S. birth certificate).

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