PSA: Your Transphobia and Body Shaming Isn’t Radical:



But when we laugh at Trump naked in Union Square, tug at his penis, stare, point and mock, who are really laugh us? Are mock Trump because Trump is naked and fat, standing in front of us? We are scoffing at the fact that anyone who has cellulite or a gut and a figure that is not valued by a capitalist, obsessed, body-denunciation of the company dares to be naked in a public space of health? Are we laughing at trumpet because we believe that men should be manly and that means manly to have a big penis, and that anyone who does not fit into this violent cissexist masculinity, is worthy of contempt?

Are really turn us the tables on the oppressor, or we continue to trample the oppressed?

I just saw this statue being shared without flinching and it made me so sick to my stomach

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