On September 25, 2016, I want to get #NoMoreCraptions.

What is #NoMoreCraptions, you ask? It is a campaign that I want to start making people aware of the lack of good captioning on YouTube.

As you know, I worked for almost two years, to raise the YouTubers of captioning for deaf audiences. I’ve more or less succeeded, but I’m clearly not as close as I want to be. That’s because I can’t do it by myself. There are too many people on this earth. I’m a person in a world of 7 billion. Only, I can do so many videos “caption your videos! Each channel has a different audience, made up of different people. In order to reach out to everyone, I need help from everyone.

I only have one rule for this video: the video must be captioned, obviously. The video must be captioned before go you public.

I want the videos to cover these topics:

  • Introduce the campaign and what it is
  • What is captioning
  • Why it is important (d/deaf/HOH people, people with auditory processing disorder, for the learning of other languages, etc.)
  • What auto c® aptions are really and why they don’t work
  • How it benefits creators (legends translates into subtitles, it brings more viewers/subscribers)
  • How to legend (you can refer them to my ways to legend 3 video or tell them to Google, lol)
  • Note that, if the creators choose to go the route of fan contribution, they need to look over submissions prior to publication. Legend with jokes and unnecessary comments are not true legends and should not be published.
  • Anything else you can think of that would be noted.

I want to stress that I would really like to see these videos back on Sunday, September 25. Why? While September is dedicated to raise awareness about deafness, it is a day dedicated to the cause: the last Sunday of September. So, for 2016, it’s the 25th.

Please, please, please, if you can get everyone you know on board with this, please send them this message.  I want as many people as possible. My mission is to make a huge thing. I want it to do as much as possible in a single day.

When the day arrives, I will make a #NoMoreCraptions playlist on my YouTube channel will be so all videos in one place.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to me message! I’ll reblog in about two weeks and then another a week later with reminders to get your videos complete and ready to go.

Can people who are not videos (but look at them!) write posts blog or something instead?


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