Hashing out the end of “The Nightly Show” with Franchesca Ramsey: “You can’t force people to have conversations they’re not ready for”:


Living room: what I found remarkable in Larry Wilmore, just as a spectator – and I don’t mean just with ‘The Nightly Show’, I also wrote about his work on “Black-ish” and especially with Issa Rae – are that I have not seen a producer of promotion of women of color also highlight as he.

Franchesca Ramsey: no for me, it’s one of the things that I am most disappointed, leaving us the show. We also have Grace Parra, who is a Latina. We do not have this level of diversity on television late at night, during a television.  I mean, there are three black women as contributors. Holly [Walker] is also used to be a writer, but Robin [Thede] and I are writers. Robin also began with the show as the main writer. She was the first black writer to female head in the late evening television. These are huge, huge risks. Our Director is black. We have a very diverse team actually in the studio. It’s a very mixed, racial, social, which is really, really refreshing. “And I think that’s a testament to the type of show, we wanted to produce and the type of environment that gave us a chance to highlight a large number of votes, you don’t often see on television late at night.

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