Twitter has a really good anti-harassment tool — and it’s finally available to everyone:


«In virtually all cases, quality of blocked Twitter filter the outrageously obscene and threatening tweets, while allowing the simple critical and unpleasant in.» She blocked, for example, various expletives of a single word, comment on my appearance, all tweets (offensive and not) of my obvious troll accounts, spam mail from a guy who tweets for me the same thing all the time, and my colleague promise to “kill you” (me). It does not, however, block the more benign criticism of my work, or the words “rape” or “kill” used in the context of news.

In other words, the filter of quality – as in your Inbox of spam protection – is quite sophisticated; It is not perfect and it is not a panacea, but it more that skim the tweets with bad words. »

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