“Can we just take a long time to appreciate John Cho providing more shade than a tree on a sunny day?

And how he takes every opportunity he can to speak of racism of Hollywood and what wants to say PoC and specifically the Asian and Asian-American folk, see non-stereotypical representation of the car on the screen?

I hope that one day we can hear (more) talk openly about laundering STID. “Trollny-Stark

And then there’s this:

“I’m not J.J. Abrams, who is responsible for ultimately. I’m just his Asian puppet. Which, moreover, is also the title of my autobiography. »

John Cho starts both shade, it should be an eclipse. I read in the #John tag Cho Tumblr that someone called him a “creature of majestic shadow” and almost fell off my chair laughing. Incoming John Cho ‘Deal with it’ gif to abandon sunglasses. Tumblr oblige to please me.

.. .and now I’m a John Cho Stan.


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